Dream, Believe, Act: The Art of Crafting Soap with a Conscience

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"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."- Anatole France

Ah, Anatole, you wise sage! You've perfectly captured the essence of my soapy endeavors. As a devoted soapmaker, my dream was never just about making soap. It was about stirring up a concoction that does more than just cleanse; it nurtures your skin and respects our planet. Imagine if you will, a bar of soap that's a superhero in disguise - fighting pollutants, banishing harsh chemicals, and leaving nothing behind but freshness and sustainability.

The Dream

It all started with a dream. Not the kind you snooze through, but a vivid, wide-awake dream about a world where every lather and rinse aids our bodies and Mother Earth. I envisioned a lineup of soaps and body care products that were as natural as morning dew and as gentle as a butterfly's kiss. But as any dreamer knows, a vision without action is like soap without lather-- pretty, but not much use in the real scrub of life. 

The Belief

Belief is the magic ingredient in any recipe, soap included. You need to believe in your recipe in your product's power to change the world, one shower at a time. For me, belief wasn't just a fluffy feeling; it was built on the bedrock of meticulous research and countless trials. Finding ingredients that were not only gentle on the skin but also kind to the environment became my crusade. Each oil, butter, and botanical was chosen not just for its luxurious properties, but for its ethical sourcing and environmental footprint.

The Action

Then came the action-- the stirring, melting, mixing, and molding. Oh, the joy of seeing liquid turn to solid as science and art dance together in a mold! Adhering to industry regulations wasn't just a necessity; it was a badge of honor. It meant that my products were safe, reliable, and worthy of your trust. And what's a dream if you can't share it? Developing an effective marketing strategy was crucial. It wasn't about selling a product; it was about spreading a movement. Through social media, workshops, and local markets, the gospel of green, clean beauty was preached. 

The Plan

What's a dreamer without a plan? A planter without seeds! My strategy was clear; combine the allure of nature with the science of skincare, then wrap it in a package of sustainability. Every batch of soap was crafted with the precision of a chemist and the heart of an environmentalist.

The Belief (Again, because it's important!)

And let's circle back to belief-- because once you've dreamed and acted, you must continue to believe. Even when the emulsion splits, or the scent isn't perfect, or the world seems to favor synthetic ease over natural integrity. Belief is what gets you through the failures to refine your formula until it's perfect.

So, here I am, stirring my cauldron of soap, armed with a dream, powered by belief, and executing my plan daily. And to you, dear reader, dreaming of your own sustainable venture-- remember Anatole's words. Dream, plan, believe, and act. The world needs more of that, don't you think?

Crafting soaps and dreams, one batch at a time.

                            Oily Escapades


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It's Fall Y'all!!

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Fall is my favorite season of the year! There are so many activities and fun things to do during this season for families, couples, and even for singles. Autumn, often referred to as fall, is a season that captivates the senses with its enchanting display of colors, crisp air, and a sense of transition in nature. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures gradually drop, the world undergoes a magnificent transformation, inviting us to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of autumn in nature.

One of the most iconic features of autumn is the changing foliage of deciduous trees. The vibrant green leaves that adorned the trees throughout the spring and summer undergo a metamorphosis, turning into shades of fiery red, warm orange, and rich gold. This display of colors is a result of chemical processes within the leaves, as chlorophyll breaks down and other pigments become pronounced. The result is a picturesque landscape that seems to be painted by nature's own hand. I love driving through long, curvy roads to see the beautiful foliage in the fall. The majestic colors on display is a true sight to behold! 

The falling leaves not only create a stunning visual spectacle but also contribute to the earth's cycle of renewal. As the leaves blanket the ground, they decompose over time, releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil. This natural process enriches the ecosystem and prepares the earth for future growth, making autumn the season of both beauty and significance in the natural world. And who doesn't love jumping into a pile of leaves!

Autumn is also a time of transition for wildlife. Many species begin to prepare for the colder months ahead by migrating to warmer climates or adapting their behavior to suit the changing conditions. Animals like squirrels and birds gather and store food to sustain them through the winter, while others, such as bears, enter a period of hibernation to conserve energy.

The air in the autumn carries a distinct crispness, and there's a unique quality to the sunlight that casts a warm and golden hue upon the landscape. This combination of cool air and soft sunlight creates the ideal atmosphere for outdoor activities like, hiking, apple picking, bonfires, and hayrides. Of course, there are a lot of other outdoor activities to enjoy, such as, picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, cider tasting, making your way through corn mazes and haunted houses, camping, and stargazing...like I mentioned...lots to do in the fall months! The aroma of fallen leaves and the taste of freshly harvested apples evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort, making autumn a time of cherished traditions and simple pleasures. 

As we embrace autumn in nature, we are reminded of the impermanence of life and the cyclical nature of the seasons. The changing leaves serves as a reminder that change is a natural part of existence, and that even as we witness the beauty of transformation, we can find inspiration in the way nature gracefully navigates its own transitions.

Autumn in nature, like soap making, is a symphony of colors, scents and experiences that stir the senses and connect us to the rhythm of the natural world. It is a time of reflection, appreciation, and renewal, offering us the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of change and find solace in the embrace of changing seasons.

Enjoy this fall, y'all! Until next time, leave your troubles in the bubbles!

                         Oily Escapades

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The Marvelous Benefits of Handmade Pine Tar Soap

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In a world flooded with mass-produced skincare products, the allure of handmade creations has never been stronger. Among these artisanal offerings, handmade pine tar soap stands out as a true gem. Derived from natural ingredients and crafted with care, pine tar soap has been cherished for centuries for its unique benefits and exceptional qualities.

1. Skin Soothing Properties:

Pine tar, a byproduct of wood processing, has been used for its soothing properties for generations. Handmade pine tar soap contains this natural ingredient, which can help alleviate skin irritations, itching, and inflammation. It's particularly beneficial for individuals with eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions, as it aids in reducing redness and discomfort. 


2. Deep Cleansing Action:

Handmade pine tar soap is known for its remarkable ability to cleanse deeply. Its natural components penetrate the pores, helping to remove impurities, excess oils, and dead skin cells. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals with acne-prone skin or those seeking a thorough, yet gentle, cleanse.

3. Antibacterial and Anti-fungal Properties:

Pine tar has been historically used for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Handmade pine tar soap can help fight against bacteria and fungi that can lead to skin infections. This is particularly valuable for maintaining healthy skin, especially in areas prone to bacterial and fungal overgrowth.

4. Natural Deodorizer:

Due to its strong and pleasant woodsy scent, pine tar is often used as a natural deodorizer. Handmade pine tar soap not only cleanses the skin but also leaves behind a refreshing aroma, keeping you feeling fresh and invigorated.

5. Moisturizing Benefits:

Contrary to common belief, handmade pine tar soap doesn't leave the skin dry. In fact, it contains natural oils that provide moisturizing benefits. While it deeply cleanses, it also helps maintain the skin's natural moisture balance, preventing excessive dryness.

6. Environmentally Friendly:

Handmade pine tar soap is typically crafted in small batches, utilizing eco-friendly processes. This artisanal approach reduces the carbon-footprint associated with mass production and minimizes waste. Choosing handmade pine tar soap supports sustainable practices that are kind to both your skin and the environment.

7. Unique Artistry:

One of the most captivating aspects of handmade pin tar soap is the artistry that goes into its creation. Crafters pour their creativity and passion into each bar, resulting in unique designs and textures. using such a soap not only benefits your skin but also connects you to the craftsmanship and dedication of artisans. 

8. Chemical-Free Option:

Commercial soaps often contain a laundry list of synthetic additives and harsh chemicals. Handmade pine tar soap, on the other hand, is typically formulated with natural ingredients, making it a gentle and chemical-free option for your skincare routine. 

In conclusion, handmade pine tar soap brings forth a myriad of benefits that cater to a wide range of skin needs. From its skin-soothing properties to its antibacterial benefits and environmentally friendly production, this artisanal creation stands as a testament to the power of nature and craftsmanship. By choosing handmade pine tar soap, you not only pamper your skin but also embrace a holistic approach to skincare that honors tradition, sustainability, and wellbeing.

As a soap maker, this is a tricky soap to make, as a consumer, I love the way my skin feels after using it. 

Until next time, leave you trouble in the bubbles!

Oily Escapades

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Have you made the switch?

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Handmade Soap vs. Manufactured Bar Soap: Unveiling the Differences

In today's bustling market, consumers are faced with a multitude of choices when it comes to personal care products, including soap. Handmade soap and manufactured bar soap are two popular options that cater to diverse preferences and needs. While both types serve the fundamental purpose of cleansing, they differ significantly in their production methods, ingredients, benefits, and impact on the environment. In this article, we delve into the distinctions between handmade soap and manufactured bar soap, helping you make an informed decision about which one suits you best.

Production Methods

The most prominent distinction between handmade soap and manufactured bar soap lies in their production methods. Handmade soap is crafted in small batches by artisans using traditional methods. These artisans carefully select ingredients, formulate recipes, and combine them by hand, often employing techniques like cold-process, or hot-process methods. In contrast, manufactured bar soap is mass-produced using mechanized processes. Large-scale production facilities utilize sophisticated equipment to mix, shape, and mold soap bars with efficiency. 

Ingredients and Formulation

Handmade soap is celebrated for its use of natural ingredients. Artisans often choose high-quality oils, fats, and butters that are beneficial for the skin. They may also incorporate herbs, essential oils, and natural colorants to enhance the soap's properties and aesthetics. These ingredients are thoughtfully selected to create unique blends that cater to the various skin types and preferences.

Manufactured bar soap, on the other hand, may include a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients. While many commercial soaps include moisturizing agents and fragrances, they might also contain chemicals and preservatives that can potentially irritate sensitive skin. Manufacturers often prioritize cost-effectiveness and extended shelf life, which can lead to compromises in ingredient quality.

Skin Benefits

Handmade soap enthusiasts praise the product for its potential skin benefits. The natural ingredients used in handmade soap can provide moisturizing, nourishing, and soothing effects. Essential oils, herbs, and natural additives can contribute to specific skin care benefits, such as acne reduction, eczema relief, and improved overall skin texture. Furthermore, the absence of harsh chemicals in handmade soap is believed to contribute to a gentler cleansing experience.

Manufactured bar soap offers a wide variety of options, but the effectiveness of its skin benefits may vary depending on the ingredients used. Some manufactured soaps incorporate additives that target specific skin concerns, while others are designed for general cleansing purposes. However, the presence of synthetic fragrances, colorants, and harsh chemicals might lead to skin irritation, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin. 

Environmental Impact

Handmade soaps tend to be more environmentally friendly than its manufactured counterpart. Artisans often prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients, reducing the reliance on synthetic materials that can harm the environment. Additionally, small-batch production methods used in handmade soap creation generally generate less waste and consume fewer resources.

Manufactured bar soap, due to its mass production scale, can have a larger environmental footprint. The production processes might involve more energy consumption, resource usage, and packaging waste. However, there is a growing trend among manufacturers to adopt sustainable practices and create eco-friendly options, offering consumers a more environmentally responsible choice. 


In the debate between handmade soap and manufactured bar soap, the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences, values, and skin care needs. Handmade soap's focus on natural ingredients, artisanal craftsmanship, and potential skin benefits can be appealing to those who prioritize quality and a more personal touch. On the other hand, manufactured bar soap offers convenience, a wide range of options, and potential affordability, albeit with varying ingredient quality and environmental considerations.

Before making a decision, it's advisable to read product labels, research brands, and consider your own skin's sensitivities. Regardless of the choice you make, both types of soap play a crucial role in personal hygiene and self-care routines.

I made the switch, have you? For me it was an easy choice. Skin care is very important as it is our largest organ. Skin is our front line defense in protection from illness and diseases. The healthier our skin is the healthier we will be! I hope this article helps you decide to make the switch.

Until next time, leave your trouble in the bubbles!

Oily Escapades

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What's in a name?

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 Coming up with a name for anything is often a daunting task. Take for instance, coming up with a name for a child, a pet, or a business/company, everyone has a comment or suggestion with whatever name you are tossing around. Whatever you decide...it's for LIFE. The task of choosing a name for my artisan soap business was, well, overwhelming. Every cutesy name I could come up with was already taken and the ones I thought no one else would come up with were already taken too. So back to the proverbial drawing board I went. 

 Thought after thought was shot down... talk about feeling like a sitting duck. Just when I thought I finally found "the one", someone comes along and distracts me (I have 6 kids/5 grandkids). Of course, once the distraction is gone, so is my train of thought and the name I chose. Again, back to the drawing board I went. As I was pondering a "forever" name, I began to think of reasons why I wanted a particular name. Why was it so important to me? I wanted a name that everyone would remember, a name that involved a smile and invoked a good memory.

 Growing up, we lived on a farm in the middle of a prairie township. We moved there from the city when I was 8 years old. Went from having lots of neighbors in a subdivision to having no neighbors for a 2 mile radius. My Dad wanted to name our new place in the country. He came up with "Triple 0 Ranch". We of course questioned that. What could that possibly mean? What sense does it make? His response? It stood for 3 ring circus. Not only was it fitting but it was funny too! See what I mean? Everything I hoped to have in a name, I wanted something like that. That memory gave me insight as to what to call my soap business. Learning how to farm and raise animals was truly a three ring circus and learning how to make soap and body care products... well that could also be classified as a three ring circus.  That's when it hit me... Oily Escapades, it was perfect!! Not only perfect, it wasn't taken. Call it a memory moment or Devine intervention, a new adventure began! 

 Stay tuned in to our escapades as we continue the soaping journey! Until next time, leave your trouble in the bubbles! 

                                                          Oily Escapades

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