What's in a name?

What's in a name?

OilyEscapades Admin

 Coming up with a name for anything is often a daunting task. Take for instance, coming up with a name for a child, a pet, or a business/company, everyone has a comment or suggestion with whatever name you are tossing around. Whatever you decide...it's for LIFE. The task of choosing a name for my artisan soap business was, well, overwhelming. Every cutesy name I could come up with was already taken and the ones I thought no one else would come up with were already taken too. So back to the proverbial drawing board I went. 

 Thought after thought was shot down... talk about feeling like a sitting duck. Just when I thought I finally found "the one", someone comes along and distracts me (I have 6 kids/5 grandkids). Of course, once the distraction is gone, so is my train of thought and the name I chose. Again, back to the drawing board I went. As I was pondering a "forever" name, I began to think of reasons why I wanted a particular name. Why was it so important to me? I wanted a name that everyone would remember, a name that involved a smile and invoked a good memory.

 Growing up, we lived on a farm in the middle of a prairie township. We moved there from the city when I was 8 years old. Went from having lots of neighbors in a subdivision to having no neighbors for a 2 mile radius. My Dad wanted to name our new place in the country. He came up with "Triple 0 Ranch". We of course questioned that. What could that possibly mean? What sense does it make? His response? It stood for 3 ring circus. Not only was it fitting but it was funny too! See what I mean? Everything I hoped to have in a name, I wanted something like that. That memory gave me insight as to what to call my soap business. Learning how to farm and raise animals was truly a three ring circus and learning how to make soap and body care products... well that could also be classified as a three ring circus.  That's when it hit me... Oily Escapades, it was perfect!! Not only perfect, it wasn't taken. Call it a memory moment or Devine intervention, a new adventure began! 

 Stay tuned in to our escapades as we continue the soaping journey! Until next time, leave your trouble in the bubbles! 

                                                          Oily Escapades