Enchanted Wings

Enchanted Wings

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Recently I was invited to attend Monarch Madness in Weldon Spring as a vendor (September 16, 2023). So, I am my mothers daughter, I had to do some research into Monarch butterflies. I also designed a butterfly soap for the event... that was so much fun! For each bar sold , 1$ will be donated to Monarch Madness. Butterflies hold a special place in my heart. When my grandmother died a beautiful orange and black butterfly suddenly appeared at every family gathering. My Mom said it must be Grandma. That butterfly even made its way to Mexico for my sister's destination wedding. After my Mom passed away, there has been a yellow butterfly hanging at my house. Most people see red cardinals... we see butterflies. So back to researching Monarch butterflies.... I had no idea... 

Monarch butterflies play several important roles in the environment: 

1. Pollinators: Like many butterflies, monarchs contribute to the pollination of various plants as they feed on nectar, transferring pollen from one flower to another.

2. Food Source: Monarch caterpillars and adults are a source of food for various predators, including birds, spiders, and ants. Their presence in the ecosystem supports a variety of wildlife. 

3. Indicator Species:  Monarch butterfly populations can be used as indicators of environmental health. Declines in their numbers can signal problems in the environment, like pesticide use or habitat loss, that might also be affecting other species. 

4. Cultural Importance: Monarchs have cultural and educational value, serving as a symbol for migration, transformation, and the interconnectedness of nature. They're also popular subjects for study in schools, helping to educate young people about the importance of biodiversity and conservation. 

5. Genetic Diversity: Monarchs, through their vast range and varied migratory paths, contribute to genetic diversity, which can help species adapt to changing environmental conditions.

6. Plant Populations: Monarch caterpillars are particularly associated with milkweed plants, which they rely on for food. By consuming milkweed, they regulate the plant's population and thus contribute to plant community dynamics.

Protecting monarch butterflies means preserving these benefits they offer to the environment and us. Their decline could indicate wider problems in our ecosystems and have ripple effects on other species and processes.

Who knew how truly important butterflies are? Well now we know! 

These butterfly bars, Enchanted Wings, will be available at Monarch Madness on September 16, 2023. If they haven't sold out, as there is a limited supply, then they will be available at pop-ups and on website. 

Until next time, leave your trouble in the bubbles!

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